The digital presence of an enterprise is one of the most essential assets, which is widely achieved by using top notch CMS services for the website and the content. Our aim is to provide enterprises with a competitive edge with the help of scalable and secure CMS for various functions of the enterprise. We can enable you to save time & effort by not having to write a code & being able to edit the content through multiple actions.

What We Offer?

We understand that various devices have entered the market today, and one major chunk of the user base is operating a mobile phone. We can create a fully responsive mobile website consisting of all the functionality of a modern website to provide an outstanding user experience.

At Veltris, our expert team builds tailor-made CMS solutions to achieve 100% efficiency, because we understand that each enterprise has its unique set of requirements.

For our clients with an existing CMS website, our aim is to enhance the features of their existing product by developing custom CMS extensions. These extensions are designed to provide newer technology and advanced features to the website.

Along with the content, the CMS website design also plays a critical role in attracting the users’ attention. We can understand the nature of your website and design custom themes for you which will eventually please the users and improve engagement.

We keep your site up to date by working around the clock, as our aim is to maintain peak performance and keep your CMS-based website secure.

Upon certain changes within the enterprise, migration becomes an extremely important aspect and process to be addressed. We can migrate your website and data from one CMS to another without losing any business-crucial information.

Why Choose us?

Cost-Effective Solution

At Veltris, we embrace simplicity & affordability, our solutions are easy to use and cost-efficient. You can choose the most suitable plan from our wide variety of options.

Customized Consulting

We can spend some time with your team and understand what your enterprise’s requirement is, we can then focus on custom yet contextually relevant, controllable, and user-friendly functionalities.

Highly-Qualified Workforce

We possess a team of highly skilled developers with extensive experience in leveraging the latest technologies. From easy to challenging, we have completed every kind of CMS project for our clients.

How we do it?

We start the development process by understanding and describing all the requirements for the initial technology to implement.

To prioritize the release, we need to examine the initial look and feel of the product and look for all the errors.

Detailed plan & development specs are a critical part of the launch plan, it also includes the cost estimates and the dedicated team for execution.

It becomes easier to track quality assurance, DevOps, and deployment updates throughout the Development phase with the project management tool.

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