At Veltris, we aim to help enterprises integrate processes and data into a unified & centralized system by leveraging our ERP Services. Additionally, our ERP Services can help with the planning, administration, and optimization of its internal processes, such as manufacturing, supply chain management, financials, customer relationship management, human resources, and inventory management.

What we offer?

Through the business process management & key performance indicator that we develop, your enterprise can meet the strategic planning objectives, monitor staff performance & manage business processes.

We cater to enterprises of all scales with tailored enterprise solutions to meet the needs of their businesses. We integrate the ERP solutions with a variety of advanced business applications.

We can create custom ERP solutions which are tailored for your enterprise and its needs, which will enable you to manage a full-scale supply chain operation. Our ERP software will help you to manage invoices & contracts, track supply chain data & supplies.

With ERP human resource management, we aim to automate administrative tasks such as vacation planning, managing employees, candidates, payroll, performance data, and KPIs.

At Veltris, we help you optimize the workflow with the help of advanced document management services, which help to track and manage documentation and daily tasks.

Database optimization, backups, hosting, monitoring are some of the features that we include with our support services for your custom ERP systems.

Our ERP solutions are equipped with manufacturing software and are capable of automating materials planning, production tracking and scheduling, and product development lifecycle management.

Why choose us?

Custom ERP Solutions

We aim to understand your operations before even getting started, so that we can use a custom approach that suits your needs. We can develop mobile applications or web-based ERP solutions tailored for your enterprise.

AI Employed

We leverage machine learning & artificial intelligence and strive to use the latest technology for our ERP services. We can help you simplify calculations and ensure operational efficiency across all processes.

Secure ERP Systems

With our extensive experience in ERP software development, we aim to utilize clean coding and effective processes to offer secure & reliable solutions. Our ERP solutions are highly secure and ensure the security & privacy of your data.

How we do it?

To start the development process, we will describe all the requirements and the tools that we need to use to understand the roles within the team.

Before releasing the product, it is extremely necessary to determine the plan & features of the initial prototype.

Before delivering a product, we need to be prepared with a team which possesses a detailed plan of development, time & cost estimates to execute the project.

With the help of project management tool, you can track quality assurance, DevOps, & deployment updates during the development phase.

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