Veltris has been developing front-end applications for the past seven years. Web applications and mobile apps are becoming necessities. An excellent design speaks for itself and does not require explanation. We will find the most effective design by considering market metrics and business dynamics. Our team ensures your business looks its best online by designing the perfect website.

What we offer?

We help with building human-centered brand identity and trust for customer acquisition/retention by using accessible UX & UI design expertise. It can also ensure immediate user engagement and boosted conversion rates.

We focus on enabling fast & scalable server-side & networking applications by using NodeJS along with improving the end user’s browsing experience. Our experts leverage event-driven programming & speedy JavaScript interpreters to communicate with the web servers.

We offer end-to-end front-end full stack services which include architecture development, outstanding UI/UX designs, smooth implementation of advanced features and full-scale testing & optimization services for your product.

With ReactJS, our developers can develop complex software for your enterprise which is adjustable, extensible and highly convenient. Our services include mobile app interfaces, web browsers and more.

We build well structured & feature-rich applications for enterprises to accommodate their end user’s needs and attract them with modular fashioned & more flexible applications using AngularJS.

JavaScript frameworks are a crucial part of a modern website, and we build dynamic and responsive websites as per your requirements by leveraging the newest frameworks & our extensive JavaScript experience.

Why choose us?

Integrated Process

We follow an innovative approach that not only streamlines operations but also revolutionizes the way we interact with our clients’ environments, eliminating the need for traditional infrastructure or workflow management.

Information Security

Our dedicated teams have privileged access to critical data and account details. We assure the highest safety and protection of all personal information. We adhere to industry best practices and stay ahead of emerging risks.

Products Delivery

We have honed our skills in tackling complexities and addressing diverse business challenges across a multitude of industries. Our dedication to excellence is the driving force behind delivering products that exceed expectations.

How we do it?

We initiate the development process by specifying system requirements, making initial technology choices, and documenting user roles.

We conduct comprehensive industry and competitive research to propose a unique solution for your project.

During the product development phase, monitor quality assurance, DevOps, and deployment progress using your preferred project management tool.

Our creative process takes abstract concepts molds them into tangible reality, and then presents you with a compelling and visually engaging initial design draft.

Our commitment to perfection drives us to continuously refine and improve the initial draft until we have achieved the absolute best solution. Our iterative process meticulously assess and enhance every aspect of the project.

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