Automation testing has become a necessity for all aspects of development including software testing. We aim to add value to the process and make it efficient by embracing automation testing and leveraging logical reasoning and inferences to gain an upper hand in the market.

What we offer?

We design strategies and specifications by running an algorithm for input code execution along with analyzing our client’s needs & requirements.

We analyze the smallest parts of software programs and evaluate if they are functioning as intended.

We embrace acceptance testing for enterprises as it helps to identify defects in a resolvable manner before the product undergoes functional testing or even put out in the market.

We achieve the high stability of test cases & reusability by running a code with predefined input values to validate pre-selected output values.

We ensure that your web projects are functional, usable, secure, and meet other requirements with the help of manual testing along with utilizing the latest web testing techniques. We can help you eliminate all the bugs during the development stage which can result in cost reduction.

Why choose us?

Domain Expertise

At Veltris, we have vast experience with various domains such as eLearning, eCommerce, healthcare, and finance. We perform the testing in an authorized & secure environment, and keep your sensitive data protected and secure.

Sophisticated Test Lab

We possess highly skilled manual & exploratory testers who can use their extensive experience and create new test cases, they can also ideate, brainstorm & design them.

Technical Expertise

We have hands-on expertise to help enterprises implement Agile, DevOps, and ship code to the market, with an understanding of commercial DevOps tools & open source.

How we do it?

At Veltris, our aim is to assist you in a way that fulfills all your goals along with addressing all your business challenges.

Analyzing the current set of goals helps us in working towards the goal and ensure that the goals are being achieved.

We ensure that a clear solution and an execution strategy is being provided to you which helps you in achieving your goals.

We can process a hassle-free implementation with both our teams involved immediately as soon as we agree upon the proposed solution.

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