Celebrate Arduino- learn how to code and prototype with electronics

Arduino Day 2019

What is Arduino Day?

Arduino Day is a worldwide birthday celebration of Arduino. This meetup aims to bring people together to share their experiences and learn more about this open-source platform.

Arduino is a tool for the design and development of embedded computer systems, consisting of simple open hardware design for a single-board microcontroller, with embedded I/O support and a standard programming language. With this, you can learn to program to control things like lights or motors along with listening to components like motion detection sensors. It can give your project interactivity without needing an expensive and large circuit. Instead, you use a computer to program the Arduino, upload your code to the Arduino, and hook up your circuit.


We would be discussing everything that is needed to know about Arduino and its evolution. We would also be talking about how kids can use Arduino without writing a single line of code.


This meetup is for beginners and absolute hobbyists. Anyone who wants to get started with physical computing and is passionate about electronics and IoT must register.

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