Wavelabs Technologies Joins NVIDIA Partner Network

Wavelabs Technologies Joins NVIDIA Partner Network

Wavelabs Technologies, Inc., an AI-first technology company for the Digital, Cognitive, and Industry 4.0 era, announced that it has joined the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) as a Services Delivery-Professional Services partner focused on providing AI solutions powered by NVIDIA’s GPU-based hardware and software ecosystem.

The NPN program is designed to help partners expand the use of NVIDIA-based solutions, platforms, and technologies, and provide end customers with a world-class solution and support experience. As part of the NPN Partner Program, Wavelabs Technologies can leverage the powerful GPU-accelerated computing capabilities of NVIDIA technology, including GPUs and the accompanying software ecosystem, for the development and manufacturing of next-gen innovative AI solutions.

Mansoor Khan, CEO and President, Wavelabs said, “We are very excited about joining the NVIDIA Partner Network. It is a critical component of Wavelabs’s strategy to create a ‘Silicon to Cloud’ AI technology services and solutions company to help our customers accelerate AI adoption. This will assist our customers to compete effectively in the 4th industrial revolution, which is centered around AI and combined with a convergence and confluence of new technologies spanning Edge, 5G, IIoT, Robotics & Automation, AR/VR/XR etc. have the potential to transform every industry.”

Piyush Modi, global business development leader for the industrial sector at NVIDIA, said, “AI for industrial operations using predictive maintenance, industrial inspection, automation, and several other proven predictive analytics use cases has massive potential to help reduce productive equipment downtime and save cost while improving productivity and safety. Wavelabs’s proven expertise in this domain is essential to driving this digital transformation in the industrial sector and across many other verticals.”

NVIDIA-powered AI, machine learning, and deep learning solutions are a core part of the solution that Wavelabs offers its customers. Wavelabs has developed targeted capabilities on the large-scale data distributed processing necessary for training complex models that require huge sets of curated data, as well as efficiently training these models over multiple GPUs. This has been accomplished using the NVIDIA A100 and V100 GPUs that are designed for this purpose and supported by the NVIDIA NGC-provided SDKs like TensorRT and custom-built frameworks like RAPIDS, Time Series Prediction Platform, Metropolis, and Clara.

Joining the NPN, Wavelabs will provide a host of enhanced services including:

  • End-to-end AI pipelines, including data processing, model development, model serving, and monitoring
  • Industry-specific use cases using AI solutions and services
  • Product engineering, R&D and technology-enabled services

Wavelabs Insight Framework helps deliver an end-to-end AI pipeline, powered by the NVIDIA GPU ecosystem, that can provide a 25-40 percent time-to-market advantage for customers.

About Wavelabs:

Wavelabs is an AI-first technology company for the Digital, Cognitive & Industry 4.0 era. A leading technology solutions provider, Wavelabs is focused on innovating and offering technology to help accelerate transformations.

Wavelabs solutions cut across industry segments and ensure that every part of a business process is optimized. They help in driving, shaping, and redefining business models and revenue streams, resulting in the “Wavelabs Advantage.”

Wavelabs is headquartered in Milpitas, CA, USA with global development centers across Canada, India, and Vietnam. The company has more than 500 employees and several technology vertical markets including AI, data engineering, connectivity, industry 4.0, digital engineering, experience design, and technology-enabled services.

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