With performance testing, we measure critical factors such as system response times, CPU usage, Memory usage, API speeds, and other performance parameters. The goal is to directly make the end users’ experience better when there is heavy load such as multiple users concurrently using an application.

What we offer?

We develop high quality, responsive, interactive & visually appealing web applications along with uninterrupted & continuous support.

We evaluate the stability & performance along with the load level through this test.

We evaluate the software’s performance at higher processing speeds and new architectures through scalability testing. Our aim is to make the software scalable and easy to operate.

When a software performs it must handle different loads as per the circumstances, we ensure that the software performs well when the load is unexpectedly being increased.

With stress testing, we determine the maximum load that the software can handle. We also analyze how effective mobile & web applications are under challenging and uncertain conditions.

With spike testing, we put the system through the assessment and the number of unexpectedly fluctuating users respond automatically. It also helps us in determining the weakness & strength of an application.

With volume testing, our goal is to increase the software’s data volume and evaluate its ability to handle a large amount of data.

Why choose us?

Verified track record

We have vast experience in working with all scale organizations including startups, SMEs and large corporations, and provide them with cutting edge quality assurance with both manual & automated methods.

Quality driven approach

We focus on quality-driven development, which is the industry’s best practice, and it helps us to consistently fulfil our clients’ expectations.

Resource expertise

At Veltris, we possess a team of highly skilled and experienced QA engineers who have extensive experience with a wide range of testing tools & technologies.

How we do it?

We prefer assessing your business challenges and working towards achieving the goal of your enterprise while understanding your requirements.

At Veltris, we create a deep analysis of the project and focus on the key components which helps us solve critical problems and achieve the goal faster.

We aim to provide you with comprehensive advice on how to move forward and execute the entire project.

The proposed solution can be executed once it has been finalized, we can partner with your team to carry out the implementation.

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