By leveraging our software testing & QA services, enterprises can release bug-free products much faster. With end-to-end testing, we make sure that every software is delivered to the end user bug-free and in its highest capacity.

What we offer?

With Integration Testing, we test a group of modules together and follow the individual modules that make up the system.

We identify any types of bugs that might be introduced by changes in the code and verify each module, subroutine, function, process, or feature of your application by leveraging the capabilities of Unit Testing.

We leverage our automation testing services to test an application’s performance, load, and balance. The process becomes more effective & efficient through the automated test scripts.

At Veltris, we aim to make the end users’ experience smooth & hassle-free, and to achieve that, we assess the efficiency, performance, responsiveness & user experience through Performance Testing.

With functional testing, we ensure that the applications comply with the desired specifications, and it also helps us evaluate the functionality & features of the product.

With backend testing, we primarily examine data integrity, data loss, migration and stability. Despite the backend testing being highly risky, we execute the test to ensure that your database and system is secure, robust & reliable.

Why choose us?

Software Requirement Analysis

We analyze the software requirements based on the inputs received, and by comprehending the project scope. After establishing the process, we outline the QA process path and evaluate the QA maturity level.

Quality Assurance & Process Design

We focus on analyzing the potential risks and plan the systematic design along with recommending automated test cases.

Monitoring & Improvements

We carry out root cause analysis to continuously improve QA processes like adjusting test automation. We analyze the KPIs, and our further steps are based on the test coverage and requirements coverage.

How we do it?

We focus on understanding your requirements and goals along with your business challenges to provide top notch services.

Our aim is to develop the best approach for your enterprise after analyzing the circumstances, your goals, and business challenges.

At Veltris, we believe in hassle-free execution and achievement of goals, therefore we prepare for the execution beforehand.

Once the solution is finalized, we can collaborate with your internal teams and move forward for a seamless implementation.

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