With Salesforce solutions, our aim is to help enterprises streamline & optimize their business processes such as relationship management, sales, marketing, and service operations. We help with the integration of these processes into a unified system, which provides a clear view of your enterprise’s data. We securely integrate data from multiple systems, such as AWS, Oracle, and legacy systems like SAP.

What we offer?

Automating monotonous & mundane tasks like contract drafting, redlining, approval workflows, and analytics can make the overall process highly cost-efficient. We can even help you automate the entire process from creation to renewal with Salesforce CLM.

With einstein analytics, you can unlock the insights and make data-driven decisions, it analyzes and visualizes data from across your enterprise using AI & machine learning.

With Salesforce LWC, we can help you build efficient & faster web components which are modern & lightweight frameworks used for building custom experiences & applications.

By connecting your Salesforce instance to other systems, you can create a branded & customized experience for your target audience with Salesforce Integrations & Communities.

Sales cloud provides a complete view of the customer, guided selling tools and real-time analytics, which helps in closing deals faster & improving sales productivity.

We have certified salesforce experts at our disposal to help you with the product configuration, pricing rules, and quote generation along with the guidance and support that you need.

At Veltris, we believe in providing exceptional customer service, and we can help you do that by leveraging the service cloud. It includes case management, omni-channel support, and AI-powered service features.

Why choose us?

Flexible Services

We provide a cost-effective expert team of certified Salesforce professionals to make the entire process hassle-free. Our flexibly managed services provide you with an agile alternative to complete the projects.

Wide Experience

We possess extensive experience in helping enterprises streamline their sales process, reduce manual tasks, and provide a unified view of their customer data. By leveraging our Salesforce solutions, we ultimately help enterprises to close deals faster.

Proven Track Record

At Veltris, our aim is to deliver successful Salesforce solutions for all scale enterprises & across various industries. We have a thorough understanding of Salesforce products & integration systems that we leverage to deliver the best services.

How we do it? (Our Approach)

Understanding all the system requirements & preparing the initial blueprint is necessary & it’s a crucial step.

Finalizing the product’s initial appearance, features and preparing it for the user journey before the launch.

At Veltris, we tend to move ahead with detailed specifications and time & cost estimates, launch plan before the execution.

We can help you with a project management tool of your preference with which you can track QA, deployment & product updates.

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