5G. The next generation of mobile internet connectivity is about to transform tech as we know it.  Powering the IoT (Internet of Things) technology, 5G will take over its preceding networks (1G, 2G, 3G and 4G)  in terms of lightning-fast speeds, reliable connections and the ability to handle massive amounts of data from mobiles and the hundreds of devices connected to the internet.  5G will be so powerful, that download speeds of 1Gbps will soon be a mainstream experience! But apart from faster streaming, how is 5G set to transmogrify business, learning, and societies?  

5G Features

Speed is just one revelation that excites tech nerds about 5G. 5G network will act as connective tissue for self-driving cars,  delivery drones, automated home appliances, VR headsets, among millions of other gadgets that connect to the internet. This will have a tremendous effect on the ecosystem of our daily usability and improve the way we interact with our devices.

According to a report by PWC an average user feels he is paying more needed for the current speeds. The awareness towards 5G is very important as that will determine the usability of the product and how users will adapt to it. 

5G will enable faster,  glitch-free communication which in turn would make the market even more accessible to businesses.  The advent of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will provide more compelling marketing trends that will engage customers better than words ever could.  5G will also propel entertainment to new heights. AR games and movies that can be downloaded in 3 seconds. The creation of Smart Cities, where everything from security to public transportation is 5G enabled.  

In factories too,  5G will allow manufacturers to deploy robotic workers on a large scale and communicate with similar automated factories off-shore for quality maintenance. 

A high bandwidth network like 5G will open up the Internet for more people. And even more Things.  Technology challenges the transportation industry. Self-driving cars find popularity on the streets.  These tech-enabled societies will see far fewer collisions and fatal road accidents and with Machine learning,  the IoT will constantly improve itself by studying patterns of past errors. After 4G, videos became a huge part of education with a growing number of academics choosing videos to teach students.  With 5G, the education industry will also redefine learning. AR and VR will aid learning in schools for a more visual and practical approach.  


5G technology is still at its nascent stage but the world is holding its breath in wait.  While 5G technology is expected to hit markets in 2020, mainstream adoption will be much slower as carriers need to build an infrastructure to support 5G.

This is the right time to identify how 5G will change your sector. Let’s jump on the bandwagon to reap the benefits of the 2020 revolution. 

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