In today’s world, all companies irrespective of the scale of their operations and sizes rely on a range of business software suites and SaaS to maintain the streamlined functioning of their operations. You’ll also need various software to meet the company’s current goals and objectives, and design future strategies for the long-term success of your business. 

Search around and you’re likely to come across a wide range of ready-to-go-software. However, these digital solutions may not work for your company because they are designed without keeping your unique needs in mind. Further, store-bought software may not have the flexibility to adapt to your specific business model. For this reason, you need customized solutions that are specially created for your company. 

To get the software you need, you can choose from the many development companies that design and deliver to meet your requirements. Or, you have the option of hiring an expert team of developers that can work in-house and provide you the software solutions you need on a day-to-day basis. Think about it! The positives are many. You can get a hand-picked bespoke team to customize programs specifically for the company needs. And, deal with the glitches as and when they come up.

Given a choice between hiring a software development company and in-house designers, what would be a more viable choice? More importantly, how should you choose the right company that can integrate perfectly with the requirements you have in mind?

How about we answer some of the most important questions you’re likely to have before you make your choice.

1. Is Hiring a Software Development Company More Cost-Effective? 

Software development companies like Veltris have a large team of professional developers that are experts in your targeted market and niche. We are not only knowledgeable about the most sophisticated of technology, but can also provide you market-specific expertise that can prove to be indispensable for your company. Once you sign up for the services of our company, you’ll have an entire team at your disposal without the need to hire individual experts to handle the various aspects of software development.

Hire designers to work in-house in the company, you’ll find various overhead costs that can be easily avoided. For instance, you’ll pay employment taxes, medical insurance, vacations, and sick leave. In addition, you may have to pay for regular training sessions for your team. So they can keep abreast of the latest developments in the digital world. 

Also add up the costs of the advanced hardware you’ll have to provide to your team along with office space, development tools, and other essentials. You’ll find that you end up spending 30% or 40% more on the costs than if you were to hire the services similar to the kind provided by a high-grade software development company like Veltris.

2. Can Digital Companies Design the Customized Software Solutions I Need?

 At Veltris we understand that the one-size-fits-all philosophy cannot work for all businesses. You’ll need software products that match the kind of services and commodities you provide your customers. We study the requirements of your company and design software that is perfectly aligned and integrated with those requirements. We work with you to understand the strategies you’ve designed for your company and the methodology you’ve adopted to help objectives materialize. 

Software development is not a task for an individual coder but needs an entire team including a Project Manager, Designers, Developers, and QA personnel. We are well aware of the factor, and also have onboard independent testers who run the programs to identify bugs and glitches.

3. Can the Digital Company Help Me with the Evolving Needs of My Business?

Businesses are living, evolving entities that are constantly growing with new products and wider scopes of services. When you work with our digital company, you can rest assured that our team will manage the evolving needs of your company with the required software. You can request for specialized talent to deal with particular aspects that you need at the moment. 

At Veltris, we offer you the flexibility to assemble the team you need according to your needs without the need to spend the time and effort in screening and hiring developers. Did you know that according to statistics gathered by Glassdoor, business owners may take up to 35 days to evaluate and hire the right coding specialist for their company? Eliminate this waste of time and valuable hours by simply contacting our development company and updating us about your latest requirements. We’re recognized as a top Software Development Company on DesignRush

In an intensely competitive world, it is vital that you stay 10 steps ahead of other businesses offering similar products and services. And, having state-of-the-art technology like the kind we provide can help you to offer the best of services that can go a long way in winning and keeping your clientele. Most importantly, your company will have complete ownership of the product to eliminate the possibility of duplication and misuse. 

4. Can the Development Company Give Me Access to the Talent I Need?

Working with a professional development company like Veltris can give you access to a wider pool of talented coders. And, this is possible because agencies like ours are not limited by geographical constraints. You can have highly trained developers working for you irrespective of where they are located on the planet. This factor allows you to tap into the largest pool of skills available out there. Rely on us, a professional digital company to bring this immense talent pool together and make it available for you.  

When hiring developers, one of the biggest challenges you may face is not knowing the right talent to hire for the specific needs of your business. The hirees you choose will also need time to get oriented with your company objectives and prove that they are capable and trustworthy. But, when you consider Veltris, we’ll invite you to screen us on the basis of the past projects we have delivered with ease. We’ll also provide you reviews from businesses we have worked with before. Make your decision to hire our company based on the deliverables we have proved we can provide.

5. In Case of Emergency Situations, Isn’t it Feasible to Have an In-House Team?

Emergencies like software breakdowns are critical situations where you absolutely need experienced professionals who know exactly how to contain the damage and minimize the fallout. At Veltris, we’ll remain in constant communication with you to keep you updated on the extent of the damage and the steps we’re taking to help. You can safely trust in our transparent reporting protocols and efficiency in handling difficult issues. 
When it comes to investigating information leaks, inviting third-person evaluators gives you a clearer picture of the source of the breach and the entities responsible for it. We’ll also advise you on the measures to adapt to avoid such occurrences moving forward.

Hiring a Digital Development Company Could be a Better Option!

While you can build an in-house IT team to take care of the software requirements of your company, the process can be fairly time-consuming and painstaking. Further, you will need patience and an in-depth understanding of how software work along with knowledge of the right skills you should hire to develop the solutions. 

For an entrepreneur or company owner who is not well-versed with the digital world, a more workable solution is to hire a team of experts like Veltris. Rely on us for economical software products that won’t need you to break the bank. You can also rest assured that the software solutions you order with us will ensure the speedy movement of your company’s goods and services to help you maintain that all-important competitive edge in your particular sphere. 

What sets our software products apart from the rest is that we focus on standard processes like “Agile” and “Lean” when designing the initial framework for the product. These processes provide complete ownership, and assurance that no loopholes are overlooked that could potentially result in unfortunate security issues. Further, our products go through rigorous testing by third-party users before we declare it ready for deployment and release. 

Opt for Veltris, and we’ll provide you economical, speedy, and advanced solutions. We ensure the streamlining of your company operations – at present times and in the future.

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