Over the last few years, research has shown that about 2.1 billion people around the world own smartphones; applications on these smartphones assist users in carrying out everyday activities, from making calls and keeping in touch with friends and families to work-related activities. The average adult uses their phone about 250 times a day, using apps a majority of the time.

Technological advancements occur at a lightning-fast pace, and for 2019, there are high chances that 5G is one of those technological advancements that will finally become operational! Changes will thus occur in application development to adapt apps to the latest technological breakthrough. Here are some major application development trends that would disrupt the existing models in the industry in 2019-

Accelerated Mobile Pages

About a year ago, Google initiated the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project. An extension of this project to the mobile web will be initiated in 2019, according to Google. The application of AMP to the mobile web will mean a reduction in the bounce rate. This application trend of 2019 will also mean good news for advertisers as adverts will get better visibility, and web pages will be guaranteed of more visitors. When Google AMP is extended to the mobile web in 2019; it will influence mobile app development and ensure faster web apps.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Apps are built to be incorporated into a user’s lifestyle as seamlessly as possible. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are technological advancements that have made it easier to incorporate these apps into users’ lifestyles. With the success of Siri and other assistant apps, mobile application development trends of 2019 will include better incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Research has also shown that there will be much more investment in AI and machine learning in 2019 than in the previous years, up to a 300% increase. The incorporation of AI and machine learning into applications will mean better insights and user experience across the different apps, from apps for personal purposes to apps for work-related purposes.

Cloud storage

Apps with cloud storage have been welcomed by a majority of users. These apps mean access to stored materials on the go and more free space on one’s device. Because cloud storage means good news for users, app developers have focused on creating more apps with cloud storage. The application development trend of 2019 will thus include the development of a lot more apps with cloud storage. It has even been speculated that up to 90% of the apps that will be developed in 2019 will support cloud storage. App developers tend to focus on features that improve user experience, and since cloud storage is one of such features, 2019 will see more apps with cloud storage.

IoT and wearable devices

Although the IoT industry is still at its infant stage, it has received a lot of attention from users even with the price constraints. Over time, the price constraints have been modified consistently enough to make wearable and IoT devices an expected application development trend of 2019. In 2019, app developers will pay more attention to the creation of apps for IoT and wearable devices. It has been confirmed that major players in different industries, apart from the ones that currently offer smartwatches, such as Uber will be focusing more on wearable and IoT devices in 2019.

There is a lot of potential for wearable and IoT devices, and app developers will be focusing a lot on these devices in 2019.

Payment gateways and mobile wallet

Users make financial transactions on a majority of the available applications and users are clamoring for more seamless ways of making payments on these apps. Seamless methods of payments which include mobile wallets and payment gateways ensure the best user experience, and these trends will be very evident in app development in 2019. 2019 will thus see the incorporation of payment gateways and mobile wallets into a lot of apps. Security measures to ensure the safety of financial transactions on these apps will also be implemented. Users prefer to make payments with secure methods such as PayPal and Amazon Pay, and in 2019, these mobile wallets will be incorporated into many more apps.

To conclude,  the year 2019 will propel app developers to take a leap in creating better, faster and more immersive user experiences, and the trends mentioned above are some of the expected game-changers.

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