A mobile landing page is the best marketing funnel in this digital age. Most of the companies use the homepage as their landing page, but some have a separate landing page with a conversion strategy. It comprises a lot of engrossing elements that inspire visitors to make the decision. Short videos, Offer banners, Click-to-call buttons, Call-to-Action are some of them. The ultimate goal of all these essentials of a landing page is nothing but conversion. 

Designers used to sequence a lot of glitters to draw attention, but, all glitters may not found as gold. Thus, different landing page requires different elements to serve the purpose. Regardless of the number of elements in a landing page, the quality and convincing-capacity of each component determine its value. 

Let’s check what are the key elements of a mobile landing page

Unique Proposition (Sales):

Unique Selling Proposition is not at an element but the salt of each element used. Every visitor lands on the business page with great enthusiasm. They have found something attractive than what others offered them. The first prompt they might’ve got from the ad banners hence must take them to a more exciting and promising page. Also, that page should be worthy enough to take them to the sales counter at a click. 

There is where the role of the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) comes into play. It should be simple and succinct, yet it could tell the visitors what makes you SPECIAL! However, USP is not limited to an element, it can be conveyed through all the elements using in a landing page. The headline, supporting copy, hero image/ video and doesn’t matter what we use, each of it should reflect the unique selling proposition of the business. 

Simplistic Design: 

One of the repeated mistakes that we can observe in a mobile landing page design is its congested construct. The improper arrangement of buttons, features, images and CTA’s will make it a jungle out there. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot use all of these elements on the landing page. But, a simplistic design with all essentials gives a warm experience while scrolling through the page.

There are numerous knacks to build a simplistic landing page such as employing a single column layout, keeping 1:1 attention-ratio, auto-filling options, and short forms, etc. Especially in mobile landing page design, it is necessary to improve the aesthetics of the page. Any clutter that perplexes the customers should kick away. 

Persuasive Headline:

If the headline can sum up the whole story in less than five words, that’s enough. A persuasive headline is the most important element in a mobile landing page. It should speak the business and at the same time persuades the visitors to make a sales decision. As impressive the headline is, that immense would be the conversion process.

However, each word in the headline should communicate -what is the business? Plus, it should not confuse the customer with irrelevant word choices and poetic sentence structure. It could tell the visitor what the purpose is, what stands it out and how it works in a too-short sentence. Yet, every headline should possess a few hints of creativity and rhetoric style to win over the visitors. 

Impressive Supporting Copy: 

Supporting copy gives the most relevant additional information to make the decision fast. It can serve the landing page by adding more valuable yet persuasive content. Besides, it defines the headline in a bit more attractive way. However, supporting contents have to be limited in one or two sentences. Also, as it confines in one or two sentences, it should have done its job in style. 

It can act as a promising statement that inspires the visitor to hit the CTA button. Also, an impressive supporting copy helps the customers to understand the business a little further in a short description. A closing statement is another sub-component in a supporting copy.  The closing statement reminds the customer and pushes the visitors to hit the button.

Hero Image/Short video:  

A good hero image/short video adds sense to the whole story in a moment. Especially, hero images are an important factor that can touch the emotion of visitors. It makes the first impression a whole lot superior and adds value to the page as well. In a mobile landing page design, instead of a short video that makes the loading-time a bit longer, hero images have special privileges. 

Additionally, authentic hero images work far better than store-bought stock images. To illustrate, if the business is all about technology service, contextual images with real people that justify the service works better than a generic image.

Strong CTA: 

All the efforts put together on a mobile landing page is to turn the leads to customers. The sole purpose of each element on the page is to bring the visitors to hit the call to action. To prompt them so, it requires an extra-strong CTA. Also, it should echo the unique selling proposition of the business too.

Hence to build a strong CTA, it involves a couple of matters. As the headlines and supporting copies inspire to make the move, the CTA could supercharge the spur for getting the deal at a click. Instead of the mundane statements, sticking something exciting that adds value to the customer can draw the attention of customers. 

Also, adding small hacks such as an assuring privacy statement, giving a free trial deal and user-specific offers can drive more visitors with a strong call-to-action button. This improves the trust over the business and inspires the visitors to make the decision faster.

Simple form: 

Forms are a great way to collect customer data and keep them connected with the business. It holds a significant role in customer retention and to brings back customers. But, placing a form on a landing page shouldn’t frustrate the users. For that, keep the forms as simple as possible. 

Collect the most relevant information and keep the fields simples to answer. Don’t ask any sensitive information and too personal questions. Also, spending enough time to draft a catchy CTA is good to keep the spree. If it is possible to enable auto filing, that ease out the process quite effectively. 


A converting mobile landing page design neither limited to these elements and nor comprises of these components. It can go less or more with the business requirement. However, regardless of the business, a mobile landing page should possess some qualities that help to do the magic pretty easier. So, keeping it simple, readable and inspiring makes the business soar. 

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