Organic and long-lasting brand-customer relationships are at the heart of businesses that propel to undisputed success.  Even then, CRM tools are what keep businesses afloat in terms of employee productivity and client satisfaction. Salesforce is undoubtedly the unsurmountable provider of cloud-based CRM tools,  and developers who configure, develop and maintain CRM products using, Lightning App builder, Heroku or programming languages VisualForce (for interface) and Apex (writing backend logic) are called Salesforce developers.  

Doing business today involves the synergy of a lot of people and organizations located across the globe.  Add colossal amounts of data to that, and you will understand why businesses today rely on CRM tools facilitated by Salesforce.  There are two types of Salesforce personnel- A Salesforce admin and a Salesforce developer. An admin deals with analytical insights within the organization while a developer modifies and writes code.  To bring about a digital transformation, these cloud-delivered product suites provide elemental features such as contact management, sales, and marketing, account insights, competitor involvement, security configuration,  customer support, give opportunity insights, reporting and analytics among many other features that engage your customers and gives them a personalized experience.  

This is a great time to invest in Salesforce Development.  With AI and IoT technologies gaining global attention, Salesforce is observing innovations in lieu of Blockchain and Machine learning. Customer 360-degree Salesforce will give companies even more detailed insights into their customer base and their preferences and behavior. Marketing cloud is set to be adopted on a stellar scale,  as small companies are gaining an edge in global markets due to a shift in customer preferences and technological advances.  

In our development ecosystem at Veltris,  our Salesforce Development team has years of experience in building and maintaining quality CRM tools for businesses that wish to dedicate a more automated and streamlined way to handle customer data.  In addition to that, our team stays on the learning curve with relevant industry trends and new technologies that disrupt current CRM norms. We strictly adhere to international coding standards and our Salesforce solutions can be seamlessly integrated with other APIs. Our flexible formats work wonders for both small scale and large businesses and reinvent the ease of customer relationship management.  

It’s time to upgrade how your company does business,  and redesign your brand’s relationship with its customers.  Let’s get the discussion rolling. Write to us with your requirement at and our Salesforce team will get in touch with you with a plan tailored for your business.

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