A burgeoning segment of the workforce has now moved beyond traditional business relationships and embraced the “outsourcing” model. The outsourcing model gained rapid popularity in knowledge-intensive industries and creative occupations as it gave businesses the freedom to collaborate with global talent, unhindered by the limitations of their own team! With the trajectory of software development following an upward curve, and eclectic businesses warming up to the benefits of applications and custom business software, there is a phenomenal spike in design and development outsourcing.

In-house Vs. Outsource Development

Here are the key differences between In-house and Outsourced Development:

·  Costs:

Outsourcing software development is less expensive when compared to hiring talented developers for creating an in-house development team. Outsourcing costs are seen as a cost-cutting tactic as you can avoid all the costs that are incurred during the recruitment process and maintenance of full-time employees.

·  Availability:

The best part of outsourcing software development is that you can avoid long-term commitments and hire developers on an hourly basis. Hiring developers full-time may not be fruitful as you will have to offer them a fixed monthly salary and other employee benefits; if you want developers to be available to you at all times the in-house development model might suit your needs. However, with an hourly payment system in place you can get more value from a reputed app development company.

·  Communication:

Undoubtedly, communicating with an in-house team is simpler and faster. Communication with a development company can be a bit complicated especially if the development team is offshore and has a completely different time zone. Whether you decide to outsource or invest in in-house development you need to use a single platform for communication to make things easier. 

·  Access to Talent:

Outsourcing development gives you access to a wider talent pool and skilled professionals who can produce results much faster. Whereas, with in-house development, you may end up dragging out the hiring process due to a lack of accessibility to talented professionals and face delays in the development process.

·  Scalability:

Outsourcing development can provide easy scalability, you can scale up or down depending on your project requirements and any new business needs that need to be addressed. This level of scalability and flexibility is impossible to find with an in-house team, you cannot easily fire-new members due to a change in your plans as it will hurt the company’s reputation.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Even as the stats approve, here are some crucial benefits of outsourcing over hiring your development team in-house, for every business owner-

1.Limitless access to eclectic talent

One of the limitations of hiring an in-house team is that you have to fish out of a small pool, limited geographically to your location. By opting to outsource, you open yourself up to limitless possibilities- diverse technologies and skills that would not be all available in an in-house team. With outsourcing, your business gets access to a skilled workforce dedicated to providing industry-relevant and cutting-edge skills.

2. Access to new industry trends 

Your in-house development team will understand the nitty-gritty of your business well, no doubt, but winning software comes from developers who stay abreast with new innovations in the industry and are keen trendspotters. Software development firms like West Agile Labs curate an ecosystem of designers and developers who are sensitive to change, and this ensures that the product developed is at par with current standards of excellence. With outsourcing, your product managers can collaborate with expert developers and share skills, exchange insider knowledge and cross-industry tips to obtain a quality product 

3. Cost-saving and time-friendly 

The time taken to initiate the hiring process, start rounds of interviews and tests and finally select an attractive application is time-consuming enough. To top that, training periods are exhaustingly extensive for Development teams. Outsourcing saves employers the cost of training and the time taken to hire the right talent. You can simply choose a Software Development firm whose work ethic matches yours, meet their specialized team, and communicate your needs to them. Hundreds of hours of hassle cut down this way will grant you more time and money to enrich the features and quality of your product! 

4. Short-term commitments 

The most valuable addition of outsourcing is that your business will have an expert working for you on a project basis without any associated costs! Choosing the right software developer is hard, but choosing the right firm with an efficient team is fairly easy if you pay heed to ratings and word of mouth feedback. After you’ve made your choice, your business has the service of industry-pioneers without the hassle of training them or the cost of retaining talent which might be redundant for your business a few months later. 

5. Peace of mind

By far, the most underrated benefit of outsourcing is the peace of mind you get when everything from development to deployment is taken care of, along with persistent testing- by the Development firm you chose to tie up with! While you are a constant and unceasing part of the development process, the only real work you will have is to give them a brief of your project, run them through your demands and expectations and lend them an idea about the values and culture of your business. After that, just relax and wait for your application/software to be materialized. 

An increasing number of businesses are outsourcing their Application and Software development to talented developers around the world. If you are a business owner still unsure about how to go about your App needs, consider these questions to give you more clarity- Does my development need require my constant vigilance? What skills are required for my application/software? Can I write comprehensive technical requirements? Am I a good judge of code? Will collaboration help or hinder me? How much cost am I willing to assign to trial and error possibilities?

Cultivate an understanding of your project so that you can easily explain your requirements to potential Development partners. West Agile Labs works remotely for clients across the globe, ensuring that the distance does not dampen our quality. To take a look at our projects and clientele, visit us on www.veltris.com 

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