To further our commitment to building technology capabilities that create seamless, impactful experiences for clients, we have launched Wavelabs Insight. With extensive expertise gained from numerous customer implementation and successes, we can help you unlock the true potential of data, analytics, and AI.

This paper outlines the application of data and AI technologies in major use cases around the world, and the profound changes it is capable of bringing to various industries including finance, health care, retail, and manufacturing when it enters the stage of implementation and scale.

Key Points Discussed In This Paper

  • Machine learning techniques and models can be used to identify previously undetected patterns and anomalies in data and streamline repetitive tasks to alleviate costs
  • Key learnings include moving machine learning models into production by first developing well-defined proofs of concepts (PoCs) and having them ‘business-validated’ for use within existing frameworks/workflows
  • The paper outlines an end-to-end AI solution development process – from data mining, cleaning, and labeling, to building, training, and deploying AI models at scale

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