We solve technical complexity to leverage the data and help organizations to become Data-Driven, Data-Informed and Data-Inspired.

  • Data-Driven: We help organizations to create business strategies with data at the core.
  • Data-Informed: We help organizations with data interpretation to set up data-driven decision-making processes.
  • Data-Inspired: We empower organizations with data storytelling capabilities to better comprehend insights.
Data Practice Overview

Data Pipeline

What we offer

Data Engineering

With our data engineering, we help organizations to complete the groundwork for Data Analytics, Data Science and Business Intelligence. From Data Strategy and architecture to Data Ops, we take charge of everything to leverage the data

Data Science

We provide a comprehensive range of Data Science offerings such as Predictive Modelling, Customer Sentiment & Behavior Analysis, Recommendation Engines, Fraud Detection and many more. With our full-fledged Data Science capabilities, we deliver the best results.

Business Intelligence

With Our expertise in Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and other BI software, we empower organizations to drive transformation with business intelligence. We help organizations with actionable insights on financial performance, risk management, and other decision making.

What makes Veltris different

Technical and Architectural Expertise of Data Coupled with Diverse Industries’ Experience

Our technical expertise of data ensures data quality and data integrity. We create well-designed data architectures within organizations, and set up frameworks to collect, organize, process, manage and analyze data.

With our years of experience in serving data offerings to diverse industries, we support organizations in their journey to become Data-Driven, Data-Informed and Data-Inspired. From Data Engineering to Business Intelligence, we provide end-to-end data offerings.

Unlock the Value of Data with Comprehensive Data Strategy

To unlock the value of data, organizations need to leverage more of their growing Big Data. We create comprehensive data strategy powered with effective data mining techniques to leverage more Big Data to and from different systems and data sources. We unlock the value of data to drive innovation and competitive edge, empower workforce, and define and deliver new customer experiences.

Ensure Data Consistency Throughout Operations Across the Organization

Real-time, continuous data flow from digital channels is the new status quo of digitization. So, digitized organizations should ensure data consistency for near-term and long-term value from data. We help organizations in establishing data governance models that ensure effective process for data consistency.

Whether it is an inventory management or a supply chain management or future estimations, we establish well-oiled data governance models for all aspects of operations across the organization.

How we do it

We piece together an organization’s strategic business goals and their growing Big Data. We assess IT capabilities of creating an umbrella for Data Engineering, Big Data, Data Science and Business Intelligence. We identify the gaps and improvements in data collection, data organization and data analysis to fully leverage the data.

We help organizations to transform their existing culture to data culture with the following:

We transform the meaning of data from a resource to an asset. Data is considered as organizational assets.

We transform the use of data across the organization in a democratized manner.

We set up a structural framework that transforms processes for Data Quality, Data Integrity and Data Consistency. With successful data governance, we help organizations to establish data as the foundation for their business growth.

Data architecture and data integrations is the overarching strategy to pave the way for leveraging data and getting more value from data. With a robust strategy and Big Data ecosystem, we develop a well-defined data architecture that integrates data to and from multiple systems and applications.

When organizations embrace innovation, they need to adopt new systems and applications which bring new data. Our data architectures are agile to embed future data systems.

Data as an asset should deliver intelligence and insights at all levels in an organization. We help organizations become data powered and derive intelligence on business for leadership. We also help to derive insights on the past and predict the future to address the below:

  • Reaching growing customers’ needs
  • Becoming relevant to the disruptions and changes in their industry or sector
  • Solving market challenges before the competitors

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