Chatbots, also called chatterbots, are AI-driven programs that imitate or replicate human conversation style and respond to people’s queries. They usually interact through text or voice. Chatbots are commonly used in customer service to answer queries, retrieve information, or provide automated support. It helps in enhancing the overall customer experiences by providing instant responses.

Chatbots were initially not integrated with AI. However, modern chatbots today are using conversational AI techniques such as NLP to understand the questions and answer them.

Importance of Chatbots in Industries

Chatbots play a dominant role in collating crucial data for data-driven companies. These chatbots can help customers find relevant information instantly by answering their questions or requests. In this process, data related to customer preferences, etc., is collected.

Organizations’ data can be put to good use by integrating the systems with enterprise chatbots that can create workflows. Further, they can also take care of redundant work by filling in the passwords, etc.

Common Uses of Chatbot

Chatbots are extensively used across industries now.

  1. Marketing experts use chatbots to provide personalized customer experiences and streamline e-commerce operations
  2. IT and HR teams use them to help employees do self service
  3. Contact centers use chatbots to provide immediate responses to callers, streamline communications, and direct customers to respective resources
  4. Schedule appointments in case of healthcare sector
  5. Assisting in understanding the fields in specific forms and financial applications

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