With our IoT services, we aim to help businesses benefit from actionable data intelligence so they can scale & grow exponentially. Through IoT, operating costs can be reduced drastically, and downtime can be eliminated effectively. We are also focusing on customer interactions, and we tend to make them better with connected solutions. We are embracing energy-saving devices to monitor usage & reduce energy consumption & contribute to a sustainable initiative.

What We Offer? (Offerings)

We have deep expertise with connected devices, sensors & lifecycle management, and we can help you recognize the need for IoT software development for your enterprise.

We leverage the IoTs to derive meaningful insights which we later use to improve the performance of your supply chain & manufacturing.

We connect the IoT sensors and components by utilizing the hot software interface architecture along with offering IP protection services.

We leverage the latest digital technologies to create timeless products, and to create robust yet scalable IoT applications for mobile and web to help you streamline your enterprise.

We focus on your core functionality while developing cutting edge IoT products for you to make your IoT products capable of performing at their maximized capabilities.

At Veltris, we prioritize data management to benefit the enterprises from our platform for IoT data visualization and analytics.

At Veltris, we possess a team of highly experienced developers who can collaborate with your team to execute the launch of IoT applications and firmware.

Why Choose us? (Differentiators)

Highly Scalable Products

At Veltris, our primary focus is to engineer secure, scalable, and smart internet-of-things solutions which can effectively enhance your business growth and help your enterprise scale.

Custom-Made Solutions

We are a team of industry experts who can develop tailor-made IoT applications for your needs & challenges along with incorporating the latest trends and technologies.

Secure Practices

We prioritize security throughout every step of our IoT development project, we adhere to the SOPs, strict data governance and various other security practices.

How we do it? (Our Approach)

We help you define the strategic goals which will help you evolve your enterprise and your idea into a successful application.

Through our IoT services, we create a well-polished design with seamless and effortless user experience to accommodate your needs and requirements.

We aim to build a product map which will help us throughout the way to identify the requirements and define the team structure.

By following the agile development process, we develop backend, API and mobile app, and release it on the Apple & Google app stores with room for future revisions.

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