Business owners have become more dependent on mobile apps by converting their brick-and-mortar businesses into e-commerce sites or applications they can access through app stores. A mobile app testing service is crucial for any app that wants to survive this cutthroat competition. Creating an app that works on all devices with an excellent user experience is real challenge in the mobile industry.

What we offer?

We choose our resources wisely to make sure that your application offers a user-friendly UI, smooth user experience, and an engaging UX. We ensure that the end user finds the application easy to use & navigate by leveraging usability testing methods.

At Veltris, we identify potential threats by performing penetration testing on mobile applications to avoid hacking attempts. We provide data security solutions to effectively identify & document the data within an application to use it as a solution for security flaws.

There are various types of devices in the market to cater to the various needs of everybody in the market. With compatibility testing, we ensure that your application is prepared to work with all kinds of devices, browsers & operating systems.

Mobile applications have become a crucial component in our lives today, but they need to consistently comply with industry regulations and standards for the security & privacy of the end user. We ensure a complaint iOS/Android application by having our quality analyst test of for all the required compliances.

We provide automation testing services for Android & iOS apps who utilize data and keyword driven methodologies for regression, performance and functional testing. Our solutions are high-quality, cost-effective and will provide timely development services.

Once the application is developed as per the plan, its success is dependent on its ability to function under various circumstances. By leveraging mobile functional testing, we ensure that your application works as per the expectations and is a high-performance app with no errors.

Why choose us?


We focus on understanding your enterprise’s requirements and business challenges to be able to use our workforce in the correct direction to benefit your business directly.


To achieve the goal, we must understand the challenges in the way through deep analysis, following up with the key components can help in reaching the goal faster.


At Veltris, our aim is to provide end-to-end assistance from initiation to the execution of the entire project, and we stay available throughout the process.


Before proceeding with the proposed solution, we make sure that we are well-aligned with your internal team to proceed with the implementation.

How we do it?

Our mobile app testers conduct detailed analysis of your project requirements. During this assessment, we detect existing issues and potential vulnerabilities.

Our expert team assesses the testing results to provide concrete data and comprehensive test reports.

We devise the test cases and suites to assure that the testing process covers the entire application.

Our dedicated test engineers carry out testing procedures and document the bugs that occur in the application.

To achieve comprehensive mobile device coverage, we carefully select the target devices based on client requirements and the user demographic.

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