Cyber-attacks & breaches have become increasingly sophisticated due to the ever-advancing technology. Data security and application security are the primary areas of concern for any organization. Attacks and exploits of organizations’ vulnerabilities are becoming increasingly common, making security testing essential to software development. Security testing involves studying software’s resistance to attacks and evaluating the system’s vulnerabilities. It exposes the gaps and inconsistencies in the security mechanisms designed to protect data.

What We Offer? (Offerings)

We simulate a real cyber-attack using the penetration test to assess and detect weak spots in security systems and estimate the loopholes. This is an approved method of testing software security which helps in elimination of risks.

When a security code review is performed, it helps us in identifying the flaws and vulnerabilities in the source code through a thorough analysis. At Veltris, our automated and manual security testing solutions can help your enterprise to maximize accuracy & efficiency.

Web-based applications operate around the clock and expose large amounts of data to the customers which can sometimes pose huge risks for the enterprise. Web app security testing can prevent your security from being compromised and keep your private information safe.

With security audit, we aim to test your entire cloud infrastructure and check for any vulnerabilities that can cause a security lapse. This audit also generates reports and provides relevant and adequate recommendations.

We are an enterprise with extensive experience and exposure in conducting security tests for projects from various domains such as travel, healthcare, retail, manufacturing & energy.

A typical in-house team is not enough to identify the vulnerabilities on a website as they are at risk from various forms of intrusions. Website security testing can look for abnormalities and eliminate the risks to keep the website and data secure.

Why choose us?

Security for Applications and Branding

With security testing services, we detect potential problems even before they occur, moreover, it is an efficient and thorough process.

Customer Satisfaction & Retention

Protecting its customers is one of the most crucial aspects for an enterprise, we can help you maintain the integrity of the enterprise by preventing security breaches.

Improved Efficiency & Fast to Market

We use automation in security testing to eliminate the requirement for post-process troubleshooting which accelerates delivery cycles and reduces rework.

How we do it?

Utilizing advanced vulnerability detection tools, our experts examine the software to analyze potential weaknesses that expose it to security risks.

Our specialists evaluate your technological environment to determine whether security configurations and management practices have been correctly implemented.

Following the OWASP guidelines, our experts simulate cyber attacks to assess the software’s resilience and its preparedness over the real situation.

Our services encompass comprehensive audits of application safety and testing that stick to standards such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, GDPR, and more.

We scrutinize source code to ensure that tested applications incorporate essential security controls as intended. We identify code flaws that could endanger applications, their environments, and the data.

We conduct stress testing to software behaviour under diverse cyberattacks. By subjecting software to stress, we can uncover vulnerabilities that might lead to partial or complete system failure.

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