Our mission is straightforward – to bring ideas to life through design. We use the design thinking and human-centered approach to solve and discover problems that hinder business growth and affect customer satisfaction.

Our design engineering leadership drives tangible results with a cost reduction strategy and building forward-thinking solutions.

What we offer

Digital Product Design

We build from the foundation of solving the unmet needs of users, priorities of the business, and possibilities of technology to bring new software solutions to life.

UI/UX Design

We provide two powerful tools – an accessible UX & impressive UI design, which builds human-centered brand identity and trust for customer acquisition/retention. Read More

Industrial & Mechanical Design

We build a practice of opportunity identification, solutions strategy, prototyping, mechanical & manufacturing design, and continuous product iteration to create valuable products for end users, and strengthen your business.

Service Experience Design

We take a human-centered approach to create viable and helpful customer experiences. Our work also covers employee workflow and business process design to maximize the efficiency of your business.

Visual Design

We provide an array of design services that enhance clients’ branding options. Our appealing and delightful visual designs attract target audience and new users.Read More

Mobile App Design

We create intuitive mobile app designs with design-driven engineering & cutting edge technologies. By aligning your brand’s goals to mobile app design, you will get a high-quality product on the market.Read More

Web Design

We design a website for high conversions, following global best practices ardently. All our customers get everything they need under one roof, whether in the development or design aspect – even backend design.Read More

Digital Design Services

We incorporate innovative digital technologies into marketing strategies, and enable end user’s experience easy & hassle free. Read More

What makes Veltris different

Human-Centered Discovery

Design Engineering with human-centered discovery identifies and solves specific problems to achieve previously unattainable goals.

We perform deep research with human-centered discovery approach and ensure our innovation efforts are focused on transforming problems into viable opportunities to improve customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

MVP Approach to Design

Design engineering with the MVP (minimum viable product) mindset.

We outline a list of hypotheses, validate the risk assumptions with a prototype, learn the customer feedback and then iterate the design to make improvements. By bringing MVP approach to design, we deliver the most value to users, customers and businesses while reducing the time-to-market.

Data Driven Iteration

Design Engineering with qualitative and quantitative data on customers’ behaviour.

We iterate the design with the data collected from web analytics to A/B user testing results. This creates a user-centric design that delivers better customer experiences, improves user engagement and increases conversions. Data driven design iteration adds value to businesses by maximizing ROI.

How we do it

While great design builds innovative products and forward-thinking solutions, a well-researched discovery phase in design engineering is the bedrock for great design.

We research the problem space for products and businesses to discover high-value problems and gather the required information for decision making on design to meet user, customer and business needs.

Our iterative process allows us to continuously define actionable problem statements from the prioritized list of high-value problems realized in discovery phase.

We derive clear objectives, from defined actionable problem statements, to steer Design Engineering in the right direction and communicate the progress to the stakeholders.

We build prototypes for the defined actionable problem statements to investigate whether the users find the solution problem solving or not. Our prototypes help in discovering new problems that users wanted to be solved, and redefining the problem statements with more actionable insights.

Our data-driven evaluation, collecting qualitative and quantitative data of users and customers’ feedback, provides the evidence whether the current design meets customers and business requirements or another iteration is required.

The previous four steps are part of design thinking, which are critical for the final step – design doing. We ensure design engineering is impactful, solving the problems for users and customers, and driving businesses towards innovation.

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